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New Artist Release


NAR’s mission is to take talent searching and talent exposure to another level.

We will always focus on you as a new artist. You will never have to compete with other veteran artists that have already made a place in the industry. If you are a musician, your genre and style will be made available for the world to see and hear. If you are a model, your particular style will be made available for agency all over the world to view. Writers and authors will be given the perfect platform for their work to be viewed by everyone along with publishers that visit the site.

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If you love bands, individual recording artists, models and book authors then you are in the right place. NAR’s mission is to take talent searches to another level. NAR makes it easy to find and communicate with new upcoming artists and agencies.


Members build their profile.

Musicians can present samples of music that best represents their genre and style.

Models can post their pictures to showcase who they are and what they’ve done. They can also post new events in which they are participating.

Authors finally have a platform to present their creative writing skills. They can introduce themselves to the world along with a sample of their work that demonstrates who they are and their writing style.

NAR takes the pressure off of everyone by making each musician, model, and author easily accessible. Let us bridge the gap between dream and reality.


Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions.


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